Canouan Island

CANOUAN ISLANDESCAPE THE WINTER PROMOTION 2020!20% Off rates for stays on Canouan Estate between 10 January - 18 December 2020Offer must be booked by 28 February 2020Canouan Island in St. Vincent & The Grenadines is not as yet a well known Island. However, it is fast becoming the star of the Caribbean.Canouan is one of 32 gorgeous... ... Read more

27 Jan, 2020
GoldenEye-the James Bond experience!

GoldenEye -The James Bond ExperienceGoldenEye is a 52 acre estate in Jamaica.The Fleming Villa at GoldenEye is the birthplace of the greatest spy series ever created. All 14 James Bond novels were written here.Fancy living like world renowned author Ian Fleming?  Gain inspiration as he did so many years ago on the north coast of Jamaica.To... ... Read more

23 Jan, 2020
Villa La Tosca

Villa La Tosca in France is a real haven of unique charm and tranquillity. It is located just west of Bordeaux It is ideal for families or groups to come together. A particularly enchanting place for artists or musicians looking for an all inspiring place.For guests who book one of the peak weeks (July and August 2020 bookings) before 31... ... Read more

23 Jan, 2020
Guide to buying property in Barbados

Guide to buying property in BarbadosResidents and non-residents are treated the same in Barbados regarding the purchase of property. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership.Here is a short guide to buying property in Barbados.The two primary methods in which Barbados property is purchased are: (1) by domestic conveyance of the property... ... Read more

13 Jan, 2020
Things to do in Capetown 2020

Capetown is a vibrant city. There are so many things to do in Capetown 2020. Take a look at the calendar of events planned. There is something to suit every taste.Of course all year round you may enjoy outstanding safari experiences, stunning landscapes and scenic coastlines. There are breathtaking mountain ranges, sophisticated cities and... ... Read more

08 Jan, 2020
Christmas villas to rent in Barbados 2020

Guests are already enquiring about Christmas villas to rent in Barbados 2020. Christmas in Barbados is very special. The island is fun filled. It is brimming with visitors who have left the cold behind to celebrate under blue skies in the sunshine.The best Christmas villas to rent in Barbados 2020 will go very fast. Many guests are given... ... Read more

07 Jan, 2020
Best Royal Westmoreland properties for sale

Are you wondering what are the best Royal Westmoreland properties for sale? Do you want a home in Barbados where you can feel safe and secure? Dip in and out of social activities as much or as little as you like. You can live in this evergreen paradise with wonderful views. All beautifully kept and maintained.For those who enjoy golf it is right... ... Read more

23 Dec, 2019
Luxury villas in South Africa

If you are looking for luxury villas in South Africa look no further. Winter in South Africa is a wonderful time of year. Christmas and new year are celebrated in the heart of summer.The food in South Africa is excellent and you can indulge in award winning wines. There is loads of sun and the stunning flowers are in full bloom.In Cape Town... ... Read more

18 Dec, 2019
La Fraissinede, luxury villa in the South of France

La Fraissinede is an 18th century house which was an ancient wine store. It has been loving restored and sits in 120 acres of beautiful country gardens. La Fraissinede is located in the south of France near Carcassonne.It is set on the edge of Montlaur village in the sun-drenched South of France. La Fraissinede is an impressive, romantic house... ... Read more

17 Dec, 2019
Villas for weddings in Anguilla

Are you looking for villas for weddings in Anguilla?Anguilla is a dreamy island in the Caribbean Sea. A truly romantic island on which to get married.We have some stunning villas for weddings in Anguilla. You can book them individually depending on the size of your wedding or you can book several of them together.3 of the villas in our collection... ... Read more

25 Nov, 2019


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